Understanding the Logic Behind Creating Art using AI


The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in creating art has borne a new debate, with many questioning whether pieces created with the aid of computers qualify as art. Some opine that the new development will edge out human artists in the long run.

But these fears are largely untrue. Like brushes and paint, AI is just a tool for the artist. The genius and creativity that have reigned supreme since the age of Picasso still stand as the main ingredient. The new skepticism around AI art is nothing new. It was witnessed as the art ages transitioned through minimalism, impressionism, post-modernism, and all other phases. In all these instances, the evolutionary change has proved itself, and so will the phase of AI art.

AI is offering modern artists some golden tools that their predecessors didn’t have access to. To clearly paint this picture, we look at a few art pieces posted on the Instagram account @nail_neuart.

A Day in Leiden

The image posted on 11th September 2022 shows a depiction of the Dutch city of Leiden. It brings to artistic life the city's major attractions that have a history going back to the 16th century. Depicted in the art is the cool river flowing through the city. It also captures the trees by its shores whose reflection colors the clear waters and people lounging on its banks. In the background is a piece of Leiden’s ancient architecture.

This image shows the power that AI gives artists to capture every detail in a small space, something virtually impossible with a manual brush. While some may argue that this simplification takes away what makes an artist special, it is essential to note that not everyone can create this image even with AI tools at their disposal. Neither can AI generate it alone. It takes the genius of a true artist to determine how AI flows and when each element is enough.

Baku’s New Skyline

This image shows how a city widely known as medieval and low-lying has progressed without attracting the attention of the unkeen looker. It shows how modern structures have cropped up behind the usually discussed old buildings. While the old iconic structures still stand out, the new architectural pieces now form the city’s skyline. Where the sky was formerly reflected on the waters of the Caspian sea, these new buildings have replaced them.

Under the Sevillian Shrooms

Sevilla’s Magic Mushrooms is a picturesque wooden structure that offers a platform to view the Spanish City’s equally magical space. However, it is not what one would call an artist’s inspiration. Depicted with paint and brush, it could easily become a monotonous repetition of patterns. However, with AI, the artist has managed to depict numerous fine details through the use of color and shadows.

Thank You for Everything, TT

Soccer lovers will love this one. It is a painting of English soccer team Chelsea’s immediate former coach Thomas Tuchel kissing the Champions League trophy after winning it in 2021. The major highlight of AI in this one is the ability to create such a detailed masterpiece in such a short time. It would have taken manual painter years to capture that much detail. This underlines the role of AI in creating art that immortalizes current happenings in real time.

Being Lost with My Research, Getting Drowned by Uncertainties

The September 5, 2022 posting shows that AI creation can also embrace simplicity. Per the caption, the image shows how a seemingly easy flow of thoughts or research can be easily bombarded by waves of ‘what-if?’ It is a simple piece with waves depicted hitting strong pillars. Most people can relate to how the things they are almost sure about can be easily rocked by little doubts.

The above postings underline some powerful features of AI in art. It is not a lazy tool that makes anyone an artist. Rather, it expands the opportunities for genius artists. It also helps them to create timely pieces in a fast-moving world; new, lasting dawn for art worldwide.

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I’d like to thank Nail İbrahimli for providing amazing images. You can take a look at his art here.



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